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The Sun in Mid-Career, by Christopher Davis

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First published by Harper & Row, 1975
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A multi-generational novel that begins in 1970 at the time of the Kent State University killings in Ohio, retreats to 1880, and, over 400 pages, returns to the present. It is the story of the Weisshorn family, well-to-do Russian socialists, immigrants who, socialist or not, manage a successful banking business in Philadelphia. The matriarch "Babushka" rules; her son Saul drinks, runs with gamblers and talks through the night about revolution; his wife is Rose, whom he divorces and who must raise their children—Alex, a character based on that of composer Marc Blitzstein, and Fran who will become the mother of the novel's narrator. The substance of the story concerns Alex, his genius and his irresistible effect on those who love him, his marriage to the gifted, neurotic, obsessed Eve Schiff, his troubled career, his violent death.

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Selected Comments and Review Quotes:

"A splendid novel...most memorable is the elegance of its language, its characterizations, its grace."

—Saturday Review

"Christopher Davis, a master wordsmith, has given us a long and emotionally satisfying experience."

—Philadelphia Bulletin

"I can offer only praise for Christopher Davis's new novel which is an economical, finely-wrought family portrait that manages to elude invidious comparisons with similar tales like 'The Forsyte Saga', 'The Rainbow', and 'War and Peace' to become unique in its own right....Davis has molded three generations in terms of the destructive and curative powers of love and the quest for it."

—Robert K. Morris, St. Louis, Mo, Globe-Democrat