Non-Fiction by Christopher (Kit) Davis
Waiting For It, by Christopher Davis

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First published by Harper & Row in 1980.
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The book is about Troy Gregg's life, his crime, his trial and conviction, his life on death row in Reidsville, Georgia. Its epilogue concerns his prison break with three fellow death row convicts, his run for freedom and his death.

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Click here for the A Peep Into The 20th Century book page, which is about the first capital execution by electricity in 1890.

Selected Review Quotes:

"As only a good novelist can, Mr Davis has made vivid everything connected with the death of those two men and the fact that another man is waiting to be executed. One of the effects of his book is to leave us with a sense of dismay about the difficulties inherent in the very idea of justice, difficulties that work both for and against the accused."

--Anatole Broyard, The New York Times

"Occasionally a book is published which should be published not because of its potential sales but because of the importance of the questions it raises: this is such a book...a book that leaves the reader questioning his own innocence or guilt in allowing a fellow human being to be killed."

--London: The Book Exchange